> Cybersecurity; Threat Intelligence; Digital Forensics;


Proactive countermeasures against ideological lone wolves, organized crime, and nation state threats.

The convergence of physical and cybersecurity.

Vulnerabilty Assessment

Comprehensive, continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation for baseline resilience.

Penetration Testing

Automated and manual penetration testing, both remote and on-premises, for all networks and devices.

Red Team

Full-scope, persistent attack emulation to keep client security teams at the top of their game.

Threat Intelligence

Our proactive approach to threat intelligence delivers advance warning and critical operational insight.

Digital Privacy

Privacy solutions for corporate compliance, fraud prevention, personal security, and reputation management.


Digital forensics and incident response for rapid recovery, litigation support, and regulatory compliance.


The convergence of physical and cybersecurity demands a continuous cycle of assessment, remediation, and innovation.

Social Engineering

Human nature is the weakest link in the security chain. We combine the latest intelligence gathering, phishing, and influence techniques to test your organization's ability to recognize and resist infiltration.


Ransomware groups adapt and deploy new attacks daily. We defeat them with decryption, investigation & proactive infiltration of their groups, and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Blockchain Forensics

We conduct exhaustive analysis to identify threat actors, trace funds, uncover criminal activity, support incident response, and aid law enforcement efforts on a global scale.

Innovation Cycle

Lessons from every engagement drive the development of new tools in the fight to secure critical infrastructure and information.



Detect vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.



Collect evidence & fix the immediate problem.



Create and deploy novel solutions.

Cyber Services

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