Introducing the Personal Privacy Series

This series will cover the issue of personal privacy in the digital era. In particular, we will look at privacy from the perspective of protecting yourself, your family, and your assets.

It’s a common belief that if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. This is a fine sentiment and makes sense at a glance. The problem with this idea lies in the assumption that other people will share your good nature. In this series, I will demonstrate that privacy is an important facet of personal safety and financial prosperity.

Most people don’t want to be hermits; I certainly don’t. However, valuing privacy does not necessarily mean living in the shadows. For instance, the most famous celebrities in the world must constantly find new ways to maintain a “normal” life off-screen. They employ PR firms, attorneys, and security specialists to cultivate their desired image and keep the rest of their life out of the tabloids. I use the term “exposure control” to describe this balance of privacy with publicity and social status.

You will learn about how current and emerging threats impact real people every day:

  • Android/iOS malware that is hidden or disguised as legitimate apps provide a wealth of data resold in a multi-billion dollar digital black market focused on identity theft and fraud.
  • GPS meta-data in photographs posted online is used for selecting targets for burglary, kidnapping, and extortion.
  • Constant changes to social network privacy policies and settings that reset to defaults with each update
  • Past mistakes stored as images or posts online impact employment and personal relationships
  • Criminals and foreign intelligence services use the information we share to target individuals and organizations while remaining undetected

Most importantly, you will learn how these invasions of privacy have physical consequences in the real world and what you can do about it.

Keep an eye on our blog for the next post in this series.

– Colton


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