Mystery Shopper Services

A mystery shopper is hired to investigate customer service and employee honesty at a business. Our investigator poses as a customer or client, and tries to find out whether employees at a specific business are honest and helpful. If you own or manage a business, this service can save your profits and your business by giving you a realistic view from a customer’s perspective.

The mystery shopper will attempt to purchase something, will ask questions, will ask customer service for support, and will closely observe the overall experience they receive. Once they leave the store, they will note the quality of their purchase, the quality of their customer service experience, and any evidence of fraud they have seen. Based on this information, a business will know whether they have reliable employees and good customer service or not.

Mystery shopping is simply a type of business investigation that gives you the tool you need to run your business well. Without mystery shopping, you are simply guessing whether your business is winning or not.

Secret shopping is too important to entrust to simply anyone. While many research companies hire freelancers to pose as customers, private investigators can offer your business:

  • Legality. In Washington State, it is simply illegal to hire anyone but a private investigator as a secret shopper. Plus, our private investigators are trained to know the law and therefore know exactly what limits they must not cross in the course of a business investigation.
  • Professionalism. Private investigators are trained to observe. Hiring our private investigator to secret shop at your company ensures that you get the most precise details about your employees and your business’s customer performance.
  • Evidence. Private investigators are allowed by law to gather evidence of employee dishonesty and fraud. When you hire our private investigator as a secret shopper, you will get not only a report on your company’s performance, but also the proof you need to confront employees.

One dissatisfied customer is likely to cost you a lot of business–most studies have found that customers not happy with their experience at a business usually will not complain to management. In most cases they will simply not do business with that retailer again and will encourage others not to do business with that retailer as well.

Customer surveys and incentive programs have been proven to be less effective. Many customers are simply unwilling to share negative feedback with management or with others. Customers also tend to be biased, whereas our professionals involved in mystery shopping exist solely to provide impartial information.

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Greg Glassock

Founder & CEO After leaving Law Enforcement and recognizing a need for high-level firearms and tactical instruction to industry professionals, Greg founded Olympic Tactical & Investigations. He began networking with industry leaders and worked his way up to Assistant Lead Instructor for the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission Private Security/Private Investigator and Bail Enforcement Agent Firearms Division. He became a leader surrounded by instructors who had more experience but did not let that slow him down and mastered all the disciplines offered by CJTC. Greg then spent the next few years finding and vetting out those instructors with the same drive and ethics as his own to build a team of industry leaders of his own. He did not stop with Washington State when he reached the top he looked around and found other states with the same needs. He made a push into Oregon and California as well and now holds instructor certifications for the west coast. Greg is not only an instructor but holds credentials to teach and certify Instructors. Greg is active in the development of curriculum for private companies as well as state and federal agencies.

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