Situational awareness for informed decisions.

Total Situational Awareness.

Due Diligence

For executive recruitment & critical hires, investment, market entry, mergers and acquisitions.

Protective Intelligence

All-source intelligence function structured to detect, assess, and mitigate threats to protectees. 


Proactive defense against corporate espionage and sabotage, blackmail, kidnapping and violent threats.

Litigation Support

Data discovery / digital forensics, trial preparation, investigative interview, and expert witnesses.

Search & Recover

Asset search and recovery, person locate (skip trace & missing persons), and fraud investigation.

Digital Investigations

Digital forensics, incident response, and online content monitoring – including dark web and social media.


The combination of all-source intelligence and investigation disciplines is necessary to sustain resilience across the financial, operations, reputation, and security functions.

All-Source Intelligence

The fusion of intelligence from every available source - open and closed, human, communications and electronic signals, and all forms of surveillance permitted by law in the operational jurisdiction.


Olympic's thorough, systematic approach to the gathering and verification of facts supports effective decision making, timely recovery of assets or personnel, and litigation which requires admissible evidence and expert witness testimony.


Both external and insider threats must be preemptively addressed. Our counterintel solutions prevent embezzlement, espionage, sabotage, blackmail, kidnapping & ransom, assassination, and terrorist attacks.

Integrity & Ethics

Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators

Greg Glassock, CEO, serves as President of the Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators.


1. We will at all times place our client’s well being and interest above our own.2. We will never knowingly violate any right of any individual citizen which may be guaranteed or provided by the governments of the jurisdictions in which we are operating.3. We will never knowingly misrepresent our duties, professional credentials, or ourselves.4. We will always seek to improve and expand our knowledge and expertise through education and training.5. We will at all times promote the proper and fair administration of justice for all people.6. We will always defend our profession against unjust criticism and help defend our colleagues against unjust actions.7. We will never knowingly violate the law. Don’t even ask!

How We Work

Our procedures are evaluated, updated, and improved on a continual basis in order to provide our clients with economical, efficient, and discrete investigative services.

Experience earned through hundreds of cases over the years gives us the necessary knowledge to work successfully in the most challenging circumstances.

State of the art resources are available to meet all investigative requirements. We guarantee personal service along with timely submission of a comprehensive report and itemized invoice.

Investigations & Intelligence

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