Olympic's Services.


A holistic approach to risk consulting, Olympic brings you a roadmap to resilience through threat assessments, crisis management, enhanced privacy measures, and expert-lead training.


Your safety and the safety of those in your circle is of paramount importance. Olympic prides itself on its ever-expanding team of highly skilled operators who perform all levels of physical security – both preventative and reactionary.


Situational awareness is a key part to any threat and crisis response – have you prepared yourself for all possibilities? Olympic’s total awareness package has got you covered. Due diligence, counterintelligence, digital investigations, and more are all integral to thorough execution. Olympic is the best of the best in giving advance warning for more effective, well-informed decisions.


Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a main concern of many people and organizations just like you. Regardless of the perpetrator, Olympic has you covered. Continuous assessments, red team attack emulations, and rapid recovery-focused response teams makes certain you don’t have to constantly look over your digital shoulder.


From licensing courses to advanced training on marksmanship and executive protection, Olympic has become a pillar in the Pacific Northwest. Our team makes sure you’re not just checking boxes – you’re going to be ready to face whatever is thrown your way.