From licensing courses to advanced training on marksmanship and executive protection, Olympic has become a pillar in the Pacific Northwest.

Giving You The Mark of a Professional.

Pre-Assignment / Qualification

Required courses for licensed professionals in Oregon and Washington State.

Intermediate Weapons

ASP Baton & Handcuffs, OC / Pepper Spray, and Taser training and certification courses.


Executive Protection Operators Course. Driving, defensive tactics, surveillance, threat assessment & risk mitigation.

Patrol Designated Marksman

Precision marksmanship for law enforcement, executive protection, and private security contractors.

Tactical Medical

Immediate casualty care training for first responders and qualified security professionals.

Information Security

For professionals with demanding operational and communications security requirements.


The 21st century threat landscape requires a sustained, adaptive training cycle based on real-world practicality.

Train the Trainer

Ongoing security training requirements are best met by a capable in-house program operated in a systematic fashion with closely tracked metrics.

This allows your organization to strategically engage third-party assessments and training opportunities in support of clearly defined priorities, mitigation measures, and expansion goals.

Our instructors and advisors will develop your internal training function, implement metric tracking, provide advanced instructor training, and guide vendor selection.

The result is a sustainable professional security organization with effective knowledge transfer mechanisms in place to support long term growth.

Scenario Based

The modern security function requires a team which is prepared to cooperate internationally, anticipate threats, and counter attacks on a 24/7 basis.

Your team will achieve this by cross training skill sets, challenging best practices, and participating in continual scenario-based exercises which draw from analysis of emerging global threats.

OR & WA State
Required Courses

Olympic is the leading provider of state-required pre-assignment and annual qualification training for Oregon and Washington State.

WA DOL 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Certification

WA DOL 4 Hour Annual Refresher

WA DOL Private Investigator Pre-Assignment Certification

WA CJTC 8 Hour Initial Firearms Certification

WA CJTC 4 Hour Annual Armed Refresher

State Requirements

OR DPSST Initial 8 Hour plus 4 Hour Assessment Training

OR DPSST 24 Hour Armed Guard Training

OR DPSST 4 Hour Annual Refresher

State Requirements


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